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Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Hyderabad, India
Project Tech Stack :- 

AWS, Kubernetes , Airflow , Singlestore , Pulumi, Sql , Slack Alerts , Promethus/Grafana , Rio, Helm, Python, Spark.

Details on tech stack
  1. AWS (good knowledge & experience)
  2. Kubernetes (good knowledge & experience)
  3. Terraform (good knowledge & experience)
  4. Grafana/Prometheus (good knowledge & experience).
  5. Knowledge of CI/CD best practices
  6. Python/Bash (optional)
  7. Splunk(optional)
  8. Airflow(optional)
  9. Pager duty(optional)
Minimum Requirements :- 

1. Familiarity with Kubernetes from deploying applications to troubleshooting application issues .
2. Experience with deployment, observability, alerting
3. Experience with debugging of clusters for example
4. Experience with monitoring latency, saturation, errors, traffic
5. Experience in set up automated incident management
6. Experience in managing the application in AWS.
7. Understanding sla, sli, slo
8. Experience with rca.
9. Experience with writing runbooks, postmortem.
10. Propensity for  writing documentation.
11. Terraform/Pulumi
12. Experience in building CI/CD pipelines for application.
13. Excellent analytical & problem solving skills.
14. Technical documentation experience.
15. Positive attitude and team player Additional.
16. Strengthen and maintain the monitoring and management of the build and deployment processes and infrastructure.

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