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QA Manual

Hyderabad, India
Technical skills required -
  • 3+ years commercial software development experience
  • Strong experience in NodeJS or/and Java, at least 2+ year
  • experience of UI development (ReactJS, JS + HTML)
  • RestAPI
  • experience with event-driven systems
  • understanding of webhook mechanism
  • understanding of High Availability (HA) and scalability
  • experience with caching (e.g. Redis, Ehcache) and CDN
  • understanding of transaction processing
  • understanding of resilience patterns

About us:

Grid Dynamics is a leading provider of technology consulting, agile co-creation, scalable engineering and data science services for Fortune 500 corporations undergoing digital transformation. 

We work in close collaboration with our clients on digital transformation initiatives that span strategy consulting, early prototypes and enterprise-scale delivery of new digital platforms. We help organisations become more agile and create innovative digital products and experiences using deep expertise in emerging technology, top global engineering talent, lean software development practices, and high-performance product culture. 

Headquartered in Silicon Valley with over 4000+ technologists located in engineering delivery centers throughout the US, Central, India and Eastern Europe, Grid Dynamics has architected and delivered some of the most extensive digital transformation programs in the retail, technology and financial sectors to help its clients win market share, shorten time to market and reduce costs of digital operations on a massive scale.

To learn more about Grid Dynamics,, or follow us on Twitter @GridDynamics


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