React Native Developer

Guadalajara, Mexico
Web/mobile application to help people lose weight. Connects doctors with patients and automates their interactions.
Various activities and challenges are on the desk: from building UI and collecting data to deployment management and data analysis and processing.

The application aims to have a wide range of integrations with various services and APIs, like marketing services, payment processing, etc. Despite start-up flexibility, no burning deadlines ahead.

Back-end System
Django-based software that is planned to be used for all internal workflows: business processes and business logic, entities management.
Marketing Website

Public-facing React-based web application that serves for in-take flow and attraction of new customers. The application uses Formsort as a form creation tool and allows to instantly build input tools for potential customers, e. g. servers, application forms etc.

Customer Portal
Native customer application. New member-facing software built using React Native that aims to deprecate legacy native experience."

Our customer is building the first direct-to-consumer telemedicine business within the healthcare ecosystem, aligning incentives for doctors, insurers, pharmaceutical companies, and consumers. Bleeding edge technologies are used for closing the gap in care for 175mm American adults in a $600bn market where Americans spend millions of dollars and do not lose millions of pounds. An international team of senior managers and engineers in mostly UTC-timezone 

Your mission will be challenging but interesting: to develop a sophisticated end-to-end system, and drive adoption of modern methodologies like Scrum, TDD, and Continuous Integration within the team.

If you are excited about all aspects of modern engineering - writing great code, creating architectures, designing components, interacting with clients, and delivering the working system to production - then you are the kind of person we are looking for. If you enjoy freedom and responsibility, creative thinking, leading, and mentoring others, come join our team of world-class developers, QA engineers, DevOps engineers, architects, and managers.


  • In a few words - a lot of work, a little hands. Various tasks, including building APIs, integrations with services, collecting and managing data, building UI and management tools, refactoring, and optimization of the code-base.
    The team is very flexible on improvements and appreciates initiatives.


  • Currently, synchronous and monolithic Django-based application, but service-oriented domain which may lead to application decoupling, later. AWS is used as a primary infrastructure provider. 95% tests-coverage, code linters, and checkers, including typing.
    • React Native (production experience) is a must
    • Fullstack with the knowledge of Python (Django framework)
    • Solid OOP, strong communication skills.
    • Good mid-level or Senior developer.
    • Able of working independently and be a key developer in a small team

We offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • Work on bleeding-edge projects on a team of experienced and motivated engineers
  • Flexible working hours
  • Health insurance, benefits package, company-sponsored conferences, vacations
  • Well-equipped office located in the center of the city

About us:

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Headquartered in Silicon Valley with over 1,300 technologists located in engineering delivery centers throughout the US, Central and Eastern Europe, Grid Dynamics has architected and delivered some of the most extensive digital transformation programs in the retail, technology and financial sectors to help its clients win market share, shorten time to market and reduce costs of digital operations on a massive scale.

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