DevOps Architect

Atlanta, GA, US
 We are looking for a DevOps Architect for a project helping one of the American service organizations engaged in the distribution of automotive replacement parts, industrial replacement parts, office products and electrical/electronic materials

We need need a near real-time read only statement the Statement Domain is providing the capability to pull back a copy of one or more read only statements  that will change how statement copies are retrieved unlike the stores current process that has statement information e-mailed or mailed to the customers our solution will provide real time from store POS system during to allow our customers to pull a read only copy from ProLink.
Goal is to setup a production ready GCP org following best practices & cloud security principles

Tech stack
  • Terraform and Github Actions
Setup and create Self-serve private catalog using "Service Catalog" offerings:
  • foundational - folder, organization, project, service accounts, logging bucket, billing budget, naming convention, projects-data-source
  • networking - VPC, VPC firewall, VPC peering, VPN static, VPN dynamic, NAT, DNS, L4 ILB, GCLB
  • compute - VM/VM group, MIG, GKE cluster, GKE nodepool,
  • data - GCS, BigQuery dataset, Pub/Sub,
  • development -Container Registry, Artifact Registry, Apigee Organization, Apigee X Instance,
  • security - SecretsManager,
  • serverless - Cloud Run

Min requirements to the candidate
  • Experience with building solutions in Google cloud
  • Experience with Terraform
  • Experience with Agile development processes
  • Understanding of GitOps methodology
  • Experience as a team leader

What we offer:

  • Opportunity to work on bleeding-edge projects
  • Work with a highly motivated and dedicated team
  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible schedule
  • Benefits program (Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k, etc.)
  • Professional development opportunities


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