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Here at Grid Dynamics, we give you the opportunity to make every day count and continuously challenge yourself by pushing your boundaries. We pride ourselves in developing junior developers into distinguished engineers, then watch those engineers transition into architect roles and managers. Join us and get full access to corporate learning and development programs and tools designed to successfully groom people for their desired role.

Professional development

Grid Dynamics takes an active interest in our employees professional development. We facilitate effective knowledge sharing, develop and deliver professional training sessions, and grow the next generation of technical leaders. In addition to our internal training courses, our employees can take advantage of educational and certification programs offered by technology leaders such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others.

Professional development
Travelling abroad

Opportunities to see the world

Our engineers enjoy many opportunities to travel abroad on short and long-term assignments. For people looking to relocate to Central Europe or the US, Grid Dynamics offers different programs. We will help you prepare for relocation by developing the necessary language skills, getting exposed to foreign work environments through business trips, and honing the technical skills that are in high demand. When the time comes we will help your family adapt to the new culture.

During my business trip to the United States, I had a chance to dive into different cultures, share and receive knowledge and strengthen my communication with foreign colleagues. Also, I got an unforgettable experience by celebrating Diwali and spending the Christmas holidays in NYC.

Vladimir - Senior UI Engineer at Grid Dynamics
Vladimir Senior UI Engineer

Management training programs

Grid Dynamics offers support, training, and mentor programs to our managers through our Grid Dynamics Manager Training School. Our courses help managers build strong teams through a positive work environment, group inspiration and individual motivation. Grid Dynamics Manager Training School teaches through live sessions, webinars, video courses and e-learning. We also provide individual consulting and support throughout the training period.

A strong program of leadership excellence was a core reason for me joining the Grid Dynamics management team. This program allows me to grow to the Senior manager level by offering top trends and best practices in the leadership and delivery process.

Dmitry - Senior Delivery Manager at Grid Dynamics
Dmitry Senior Delivery Manager
How do we teach

Grid University

Grid University is our knowledge sharing tool for our technical personnel. We collect educational content on emerging technologies, giving engineering staff the tools required to ensure their technical skills are always on the bleeding edge.

Learning paths
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We have 10 Internship campaigns annually Grid Dynamics has a long-standing tradition of running internship programs for students and Junior Engineers. We gladly open our doors to young and promising engineers who are ready for a life-changing experience and are excited to work on building complex projects in big data, machine learning, and more. Each intern will have a mentor, who will help them to adapt, share knowledge, and support them in developing their professional skills. Please contact for more information.

Starting my career with the Grid internship program is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. The knowledge and skills I acquired made me a real engineer and prepared to take on any project and any task.

Vuk -  UI Engineer, Belgrade at Grid Dynamics
Vuk UI Engineer, Belgrade
Corporate English courses

Business and professional English courses

English is the global language of business and commerce making English language competence critical to employee success. This is why we provide free corporate English classes, organize English speaking clubs and cover expenses for language enrichment opportunities inside and outside the workplace. Our teachers provide a specialized approach to language training. We target student specific needs and carefully select their teaching materials, methods, courses and workshops. Our employees monitor their own progress through standardized proficiency tests.

I do love corporate English courses as they always are clearable, engaging, and efficient. Classes open the opportunities to interact with teammates and enjoy discovering various ideas and accents in a multicultural environment.

Benoît - UI Developer, Krakow at Grid Dynamics
Benoît UI Developer, Krakow
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