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Join our global team of technologists, creatives and strategists for a meaningful work experience we know you’ll love. Work with the newest technologies. Take an influential role in innovative projects, solving complex problems partnering with world-class brands. Collaborate with globally conscious colleagues in a dynamic workplace environment.

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Our story: people, culture and the world

Our story goes beyond engineering expertise and technology innovation. Because none of that can happen without happy, inspired people. Our first priority is creating a diverse, enriching environment that supports and nurtures our people, no matter their culture, faith, ethnicity, language or personal experience in the world. We are a global company and care deeply about events playing out on the global stage, and how they affect the people that make up our organization. Our Global Mobility program ensures the safety and security of our people and their families, so they can thrive in a location that enables them to focus on what matters most: safety, health, wellness, personal growth and professional advancement.

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Why Grid Dynamics?

Every opportunity has real-world application and impact. At Grid Dynamics, we work with emerging technologies and build best-in-class software. We create empowerment and thought leadership through the technology we work with. If you’re looking to leverage your love of technology to impact the way businesses operate, you’ll feel at home here.

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Hear what our employees have to say about working at Grid Dynamics

What helped Grid Dynamics to survive among thousands of similar startups? The answer is obvious: awesome people! Everyone is a character—"square" people do not enjoy working here. In spite of our tremendous and consistent success, we have not compromised our high standards for simple growth. Another reason is that we remained relatively small in every location, thus preserving the spirit of a startup. Last, but not least, we stayed ahead of the technology curve: we established ourselves in clouds, DevOps, and microservices before they became commodities.

Vadim Kozyrkov - SVP of Engineering at Grid Dynamics
Vadim Kozyrkov SVP of Engineering

Create your own story at Grid Dynamics

Embrace a culture of learning, knowledge sharing and continuous professional development by taking advantage of our in-house University, R&D labs, business and English courses, as well as global travel opportunities. Here, you can choose your learning path, hone your skills and become an expert in your desired role, wherever you are in the world.

Global Mobility program

Choose a destination where you’ll be happiest, and we’ll help you get there. We understand how important it is to be in an environment where you can flourish without constant worry and distraction. We’ve already helped thousands of families relocate to cities and countries all over the world because the wellbeing of our people matters most to us.

Global mobility program

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