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Our culture

Making everyday count

Delivering excellence is easier in a positive working environment. This is why we devote a huge effort into ensuring employee wellness and creating a happier corporate culture. We offer competitive benefits, promote health and wellness, and organize amazing corporate events.

Brilliant colleagues

Work with brilliant colleagues

We hire the top 10% best engineers, in every discipline we work with and in every one of our global locations. Then we invest in their training, mentorship, personal development, English, and communication skills. You will love being surrounded by brilliant people, working together on challenging projects and learning from each other.


Become an expert in emerging technologies

Data is one of the greatest enterprise assets. Manage it efficiently and get to insights faster with Grid Dynamics Analytics Platform solution. We will provision it, migrate your data to cloud, and get you to AI use cases in weeks.

Career path

Create your own career path

We believe in growing our engineers by providing them with multiple opportunities to pursue professional advancement. You can succeed as an engineer or become a manager, architect or business analyst. We love developing people and know how to do that. The vast majority of our management and executive leadership is homegrown from engineering ranks. We will work with you to help you maximize your potential, whatever you think that is.

Diverse work place

Enjoy a diverse work place

With offices in 5 countries, in Europe and North America, our global employee fabric blends a variety of cultures, faiths, ethnicities, languages and experiences to the benefit of all. Our customers and partners are equally diverse. By joining Grid Dynamics you will surely collaborate with people that have different ways of thinking and solving problems. It makes us stronger and more creative.

Opportunities to travel

Join the company, see the world!

Our engineers enjoy many opportunities to travel abroad on short and long-term assignments. For people looking to relocate to Central Europe or the US, Grid Dynamics offers different programs. We will help you prepare for relocation by developing the necessary language skills, getting exposed to foreign work environments through business trips and honing the technical skills that are in high demand. When the time comes we will help your family adapt to the new culture.

Having fun at work

Have fun at work, and outside

You will be more productive and successful in a well-organized, productive, and fun environment. This is why we put a lot of effort into an attractive and functional office space, comprehensive benefit packages that include wellness and fitness plans, and bomb social events that include yoga classes, marathons, bike rides, and mountain hikes. We also support charity events, organize hackathons, participate in robotics competitions and throw epic corporate parties!


Hear what our employees say about working at Grid Dynamics

The best part of working at Grid Dynamics is seeing the amazing growth of people over the years. I saw a lot of cases when we hired engineers as juniors or even as interns, and we taught them basic things about technology and the industry. After several years, those engineers have become leads or architects, and are now the ones teaching us new things.

Ratmir Panov - VP of Delivery Management at Grid Dynamics
Ratmir Panov VP of Delivery Management
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