Program Manager

Bangalore, India
Collaborate with multiple core platform, product and business teams to create the solutions with best customer experience 
Program management of a large scale complex initiative through the entire development life cycle; planning, execution, status reporting and coordination against project plans and delivery commitments 
Provide leadership and support for multiple engineering teams operating to reach compliance. Engage the engineering teams and TPMs of various organizations to ensure that their iterations on design and development enable compliance by needed deadlines. Assist in the execution through multiple iterations of product enhancements and delivery. 
Work closely with platform business engineering teams to ensure compliance and business needs are met without compromising long term platform health and evolution 
Facilitate roadmap development across the multiple engineering teams and help shape the overall vision 
Facilitate launch planning across multiple teams to bring the project end points along multiple work streams into a single timeline to meet compliance readiness dates 
Coordinate with the Quality Assurance teams to ensure that end-to-end verification and validation complete at the right time and in the correct environments to demonstrate readiness to compliance and business needs 
Coordinate with PMs from non-tech work streams to ensure that technical and non-technical plans and initiatives are coordinated and achieve the combined goals of compliance and business needs without impacting the performance of the business teams and Vendors in the execution of their duties 
5 years of relevant software engineering experience 
7 years of experience leading software development projects with aggressive schedules. 
A strong track record of on-time project delivery for large, cross-functional projects, preferably in the eCommerce and compliance or regulatory space 
Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to present complex technical information in a clear and concise manner to a variety of audiences including executives and non-technical leaders 
Exceptional collaborative and relationship skills including the ability to discover the true constraints and underlying needs of a team 
Exceptional technical analysis skills that lead to the recommending alternative technical and business approaches. 
Demonstrated experience at leading engineering efforts across multiple teams to meet aggressive timelines with optimal solutions 
Capability to create and carry a strong business and technical vision and drive a team towards that vision 
Identify, evaluate, track and mitigate issues and risks 
Create, maintain and disseminate project information to stakeholders 
Drive effective teamwork, communication, collaboration and commitment across multiple disparate groups with competing priorities 
Expertise delivering projects with agile methodologies 

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